Who We Are

Creative Biogene is a Biotech Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialized in zebrafish (Danio rerio) services under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), located in the United States. Our business strengths depend on high technical expertise and top-class research facilities, combined with attractive strategic partnerships and academic collaborations. As a global leader in the market, our goal is to continuously innovate and develop new services, technologies, and platforms for researchers to help progress for people's health.

Serving the Life Science Market

We aim to challenge the traditional drug discovery pipeline by offering an affordable, fast, and reliable array of customized assays, to assess the safety and biomedical relevance of novel molecules using zebrafish. Through our automated and innovative tools, we have developed and validated time and cost-effective gene editing services, toxicity and efficacy assays, as well as zebrafish disease models to be used in preclinical stages. Our clients come from government, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, diagnosis industries and testing laboratories.

We will be exceptional, always.

Globally oriented services, respecting customers' demands, culture and identity.

The dedicated research team and experts, providing market-leading technologies.

Multiple service combinations, providing customized services according to the specific requirements.

Guarantee the highest ethical and integrity levels for all our services, products and communications.