Zebrafish Gene Expression Analysis

Zebrafish Gene Expression Analysis

Zebrafish has been used as a vertebrate model species that provides insights into human development and disease as well as serving as a bioassay platform for infectious diseases and toxicology studies. The zebrafish was initially selected as a model species for embryological development due to its high fecundity, external fertilization, and optically transparent embryos that enable both the visualization of fluorescently labeled proteins throughout development and the determination of cell fate. In fact, these advantages make molecular mechanistic studies rapid and cost-effective because of the ease of acquiring huge amounts of material combined with the ease of both genetic and environmental manipulation at all stages of life. Besides, the transparent nature of zebrafish embryos and larvae make it ideal for generating cell- and tissue-specific transgenic reporter lines, thereby allowing in vivo visualization of discrete cell populations. Exploitation of such lines enables global gene expression analysis in specific isolated cell types based on reporter gene expression.

Gene expression analysis simultaneously compares the RNA expression levels of multiple genes (profiling) and multiple samples (screening). Therefore, zebrafish gene expression profiles can help in the design of new compounds and the identification of molecular targets for existing and new small molecules. Moreover, the use of zebrafish in high-throughput screens of small molecules may permit time-series analyses, which could be particularly useful for studying variable gene expression in early development and for toxicogenomic studies.

Creative Biogene can offer comprehensive zebrafish gene expression analysis services to help you get insights into expression information and perform rich analysis data. Our services provide valuable insight into the role of differential gene expression in normal biological processes and disease processes as well as in the identification and verification of biomarker signatures.

Our zebrafish gene expression analysis solutions and technologies

  • Gene expression analysis by real-time PCR
  • Gene expression quantification by digital PCR
  • Gene expression profiling by sequencing
  • Gene expression profiling by microarray
  • Gene expression profiling by hybridization-based assay


  • Searching for gene expression profiles associated with cancer
  • Drug response biomarker studies
  • Uncovering drug-susceptible tumorigenic pathways
  • The design of new compounds
  • The identification of molecular targets

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