Zebrafish Gene Cloning Services

Zebrafish Gene Cloning Services

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a small-bodied tropical, freshwater fish species that is originally from South Asia. Several key features have resulted in their rapid growth as a research model including their ease of care, small size, rapid development, fecundity, and ease of manipulation. Zebrafish has many physiological and genetic similarities with humans, including the brain, vasculature, musculature, digestive tract, and innate immune system. Besides, 70% of human disease genes have functional similarities with those of zebrafish. Lately, research with zebrafish has extended to model human diseases and to analyze the formation and functions of cell populations within organs. Moreover, zebrafish requires very low space and maintenance cost. These features make this fish an attractive model organism for developmental, transgenic, and toxicological studies.

The genome of zebrafish contains about 26,000 genes over 1.4 billion base pairs on 25 pairs of chromosomes. Therefore, the zebrafish genome contains approximately the same number of protein-coding genes as the human genome in about half the size, and over a similar number of chromosomes. Zebrafish genes are becoming indispensable tools in life science research and biological drug discovery.

Zebrafish genome (Data from the Sanger Institute).

Figure 1. Zebrafish genome (Data from the Sanger Institute).

Nevertheless, most zebrafish genes have not been cloned and are not available commercially. If one needs to study a gene function and a disease target in these zebrafish models, one would need to clone the zebrafish gene, which could be quite time-consuming.

Creative Biogene has devoted extensive resources to establishing expertise and capability for high-throughput zebrafish gene cloning. In recent years, we have cloned out thousands of zebrafish genes from cDNA libraries and zebrafish tissue. Our experience enables us to clone very large zebrafish genes and difficult-to-clone zebrafish genes.

Our Advantages

  • Full length, sequence-verified cDNA clones
  • A variety of zebrafish tissue cDNA libraries
  • Capacity to clone thousands of zebrafish genes from cDNA libraries
  • Full insert sequence easily available
  • Save time and money


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