Zebrafish Clones

Zebrafish Clones

Creating zebrafish cDNA clones from biological material requires considerable time, labor and cost to produce full-insert sequence validated cDNA clones. If one needs to study a gene function and a disease target in these zebrafish models, one would need to clone the zebrafish gene, which could be quite time-consuming. Premade zebrafish clone products eliminate the initial cloning and verification procedures of your gene discovery research. You will save a few weeks of time by moving directly to the expression and protein analysis steps of your workflow.

In combination with unique and versatile cloning technologies, Creative Biogene creates a large collection of high-quality zebrafish full-length cDNA and ORF clones. Our experience enables us to clone very large zebrafish genes and difficult-to-clone zebrafish genes. Please browse our zebrafish clones collection to find your desired one.


  • Broad range of target genes
  • Multiple tags
  • Ideal for native protein expression
  • All cDNA clones are fully sequence-verified and guaranteed
  • Customized service to meet all your needs
  • Cost effective & fast turnaround time

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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