Zebrafish Antibodies

Zebrafish Antibodies

The zebrafish is an increasingly popular vertebrate model used to understand early vertebrate developmental processes and model diseases. The amenability to forward genetics and the ability to produce a large number of translucent embryos that rapidly develop externally have allowed the genetic dissection of most vertebrate organ systems. Because of their striking genomic similarity to humans, shortened life cycle, and regenerative abilities, zebrafish has become an ideal tool for cancer research and drug testing. However, one limitation of the zebrafish model is the lack of high-quality antibody reagents that work on wholemount fixed tissue.

Our team decided to produce antibodies against key immune molecules in zebrafish to improve the research within the fish scientific community as well as mammalian immune disorders researches. All antibodies are validated and backed by our industry-leading Bioguarantee Program.


  • Broad range of target proteins
  • Antibodies validated using various immunoassays
  • Different sizes available
  • Different conjugation available
  • Cost-effective & fast turnaround time

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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